The Doctor Returns to

Stoke CON Trent #4

The Doctor Returns

The old ad said “I liked it so much I bought the company” well this Doctor said I liked it so much I had to return……Again.

The sixth Doctor Who Colin Baker returns to the Potteries to meet and greet fans of every age at Stoke Con Trent on April 17th 2016.

Colin enjoys his visits to Staffordshire University for our event as the visitors are so friendly.

He is joining the Fifth Doctor Peter Davison and the assistant that appeared with them both Nicola “Peri” Bryant.

Stoke CON Trent #4 Guest April 17th 2016 Colin Baker sixth Doctor Who

To meet the Doctors, Peri and loads more other guests Tickets are only £12 for adults , £6 for under 16s
For more information please visit the BUY TICKETS tab on our website


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