Welcome our Guest of Honour – 3 year old Super Hero Harrison Brown

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Welcome our Guest of Honour –

3 year old Super Hero Harrison Brown

Please Welcome our very own Super Hero Harrison Brown who is attending Stoke CON Trent #7 as our guest of honour.

Harrison is a bright happy 3 year old (it’s his birthday on the 23rd October) who likes Star Wars, ninja turtles, avengers/super heroes, transformers. All of the usual stuff that boy’s his age like.

He needs a potentially life changing operation to help him to be able to walk unaided.

He has cerebral palsy due to a bleed on his brain and being starved of oxygen at birth. The condition affects his muscles and movements. Harrison is unable to walk or sit up unaided, he suffers with a lot of pain due to the tightness of his muscles.

Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy has been offered to him by the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital but unfortunately is not funded by the NHS. The cost of the operation is £16,000 and we are unable to book the appointment until we have paid the full amount. He will then need post-operative therapy, which is a vital part of his recovery. 

SDR surgery is a permanent, life changing operation that takes away almost all of the spasticity. It would prevent bone deformities and contractures, improve function, increase range of motion and most of all take away the constant pain and offer him greater opportunities.

Harrison’s family are hoping to raise £30,000 to pay for the surgery and after care treatment. They have set up an online appeal which can be seen below.


Come to Stoke CON Trent #7 on October 15th 2017 at The King’s Hall in Stoke.

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