We All Live In A Yellow Submarine….CAR!

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We All Live In A Yellow Submarine….CAR!

The ‘Yellow Submarine Car’ is owned by Garry and Joan Marsh.

It has been running around North Staffordshire for the past 12 years.

Where ever it goes, be it motor ways or car parks, it is forever having its photo taken.

Garry has been collecting Beatles Memorabilia since the age of 9, some 54 years now.

The Yellow Sub car is almost his biggest piece of Beatles Memorabilia: the biggest being their Magical Mystery Tour Mini Motorhome, where it is forever 1967 inside!

We hope to have both vehicles at Stoke CON Trent #8 on the 15th April 2017.

Come and meet one of the UKs biggest Beatles Memorabilia collectors in the world and discuss the Fab Four to your hearts content.

Here are some pictures of the Yellow Submarine Car and a few people you may encounter at Stoke CON Trent #8


Come to Stoke CON Trent #8 on April 15th 2018 at Staffs Uni, Stoke Meet Garry and Joan

Tickets are available now click the link on the image below to get yours

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