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Jesse McClure is Back at Stoke CON Trent #8

Star of Storage Hunters and British Treasure American Gold, Jesse McClure returns to Stoke CON Trent #8.

Grab a FREE AUTOGRAPH and SELFIE with Jesse to celebrate the launch of his new business “Celebstar

Meet Jesse McClure SCT #8 - Storage Hunters - Celebstar Joins Stoke CON Trent #8 Guest
Also visit his table for a few surprises during the day!

Talking of surprises, do you remember when he hijacked the Stoke CON Trent Facebook Page to announce himself as a “Mystery Guest” for SCT #7?

Here’s what happened!

Come to Stoke CON Trent #8 on April 15th 2018 at Staffs Uni, Stoke Meet Jesse

Tickets are available now click the link on the image below to get yours

Buy Tickets HERE for Stoke CON Trent #8 15th April 2018

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