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Exhibitor Information for Stoke CON Trent 11 – October 13th 2019


Traders at Stoke Comic Con

This is our 11th. event and we are retaining our “Comic Con Village” feel with the event and will be using the LRV and the Stanley Matthews Sports Centre.

Exhibitors are invited to join us on the day and we have a range of tables and spaces available at very competitive prices.

If you are interested in booking a table at the event then please email


stating the following information:-

  • Name
  • Email
  • Contact Number
  • Business Name
  • Business Logo
  • Brief description of business
  • State table preference (Room and Table Number/numbers) with two additional preferences (just in case your first option isn’t available)

We will get back in touch with you as soon as possible to give you more details and to sign you up!

We will only be offering tables to previous traders to reward their loyalty until Saturday 3rd. August 2019 before putting them out to general sale.

Table Information:


All tables are approx. 600 x 1800mm and blocks of tables are made up from this size.


N.B. All Food Traders need to request a cost per table as our agreement with the venue has conditions that we need to meet.


Blue – Reserved
Prime Double (Yellow – table nos. 39 to 46 – 1 table plus backer) – £50
Prime L Area AT – £100
Prime XL – Areas A1, B2,C3, D4  (7 tables each) – £180 N.B. We do consider offers to split these areas into smaller sections of 3 & 4 tables

Sir Stanley Matthews Sports Hall

Blue – Reserved
Standard (Purple) (Tables X34 to X36)  – £35 each
Prime (Yellow – Tables X1 – X10, X31 – X33 & X38 – X40 – Table plus backer) – £45
Prime L  (Orange – table areas XLC & XLD – 3 tables) – £120 each
Prime XL -(Grey – table Areas XLA, XLB, XLE, XLF (7 tables each) – £180

External “Street Trading” Area

We are opening the option of traders setting up a street trading area.
This will be open to any traders that have a self sufficient set up i.e. A Gazebo and Table
which can be positioned on the path within the “village” area
These stalls will be sold on a “space used” basis with a basic 3 x 3 mt. gazebo starting at £25 including one ticket.
Additional tickets can be purchased as per the details below:-
Traders that have booked so far include:-
Crafty Magick
Unique Geek
Pro Wrestling 4U
by Lantern Light
NB Comic Arts
Simply NikNaks
Sams Toons
The Pocket Workshop
Drew Hird
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