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Cartoon Museum Curator

Steve Marchant Comes

To Stoke CON Trent #4

Our next guest is so good he comes with two biographies!

Steve Marchant is a writer and comic-strip artist who has been teaching the skills of cartoon and comic-strip art in schools, colleges, libraries, and youth clubs around London for the last 25 years.

He is currently the senior tutor and ‘Comics Creators Gallery’ curator at the Cartoon Museum. His illustration clients have included the BBC, British Airways, The British Council, Intel and ITV, and he has also written and drawn a number of educational comics for children and young people; his personal work appears in the award-winning online comic Aces Weekly.

Stoke CON Trent Guest guest SCT #4 Steve Marchant Comic artist cartoon writer

Steve’s lifelong love of comics fuels his fun and energetic teaching style in lively sessions that bring out the cartoonist in everyone.

He lives in London with his girlfriend and two hamsters.

A chain-smoking chronic depressive, Steve is also a functioning alcoholic who lives life constantly on the brink of bankruptcy. That he has a loving girlfriend is a damning indictment of her mental acuity. He is repeatedly bitten by their pet hamsters.

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