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Previous Conventions – Stoke Con #8

There’s an amazing line-up of Comic stars at Stoke-Con-Trent #8, from industry professionals to emerging talent. Here, we will be listing just some of the awesome comic creators to look out for!

Ben Krefta has created several ‘how-to’ books on the topic of drawing manga, including ‘Digital Manga‘ (2014), ‘The Artists Guide to Drawing Manga‘ (2016) and currently works on a wide variety of art and design projects including. Some examples of these works along with more information on Krefta can be found at BenKrefta.com

Once again Stoke Con Trent welcomes back Lew Stringer. Lew has been working in comics for over 30 years, writing and drawing humour strips for publications as diverse as The Beano, Viz, Toxic, Buster, Grindhouse, Oink!, Doctor Who Magazine, and many others. His creations include Combat Colin, Tom Thug, Pete and his Pimple, Brickman, Derek the Troll and The Suburban Satanists.

David Leach has worked for IPC, Marvel UK, Marvel US, BBC Worldwide, Panini, Egmont, Tundra, Fleetway and Titan Comics. His work has appeared in The Sunday Times, Telegraph, The Sun and Private Eye as well as: Whizzer & Chips, Gas, Brain Damage, UT, Moose Kid, Casper, and 1980’s cult comics, Toxic! and Oink.

He created Psycho Gran for Oink and The Dinner Ladies From Hell and The Driver, (which he co-created) for cult British comic, Toxic!

Lee Sullivan has worked on:

Transformers, ThundercatsDoctor Who Magazine2000AD; the Radio Times Doctor Who strip, Marvel UK reprint covers and strips for Action ManTransformers ArmadaThunderbirds Magazine, Doctor Who – Battles in Time and illustrations for Doctor Who DVD Files, both published by Fabbri and promotional art for The Minister of Chance sonic movie and Strangeness in Space audio comedy dramas.

Once again StokeCon welcomes a very special artistic talent to the event. Mike Collins is best know for his artwork in the “Doctor Who Magazine”.

Mike has been producing comics for over 25 years starting with Spider Man and Transformers for Marvel UK. Mike he has drawn pretty much all the major characters around – Wonder WomanBatmanSupermanFlashTeen TitansX-MenCaptain BritainJudge DreddSlaineRogue TrooperDarkstarsPeter Cannon: Thunderbolt plus many more.

Gogglesbird is a comic artist and bird liker™

Dorton is a wannabe comic artist and illustrator, who draws sometimes.

If you’re into spooky supernatural stuff, or slice of life, you can find those kinds of comics sold by this duo.

Becci, or Awkwardbex as she’s known on various social media, is a Stoke-based, digital illustrator & comic artist. She also works as a part-time lecturer on the Cartoon & Comic Arts course at Staffordshire University as well as freelancing for Dekko Comics. Becci specializes in Comics & Cartoon Illustration, with influences stemming from western cartoons & Japanese Manga.

Stuckinawall: Ranging from the cute, creepy and flat out kooky, Stuckinawall is here to bring you comics and prints of things you’ve probably never heard of as well as draw commissions of things you probably have.

Merwitch Doodles: a comic artist with a love of fantasy and horror. Please come find me if you’d like to check out comics and artwork full of magic, mermaids and creepiness! I also sell charms, stickers and give free card of the day Tarot readings.

Drew Hird is a freelance comic artist, who tries to challenge himself every time. His current obsession are dinosaur fossils. He brings to this Comic Con a new story, based on true events

Lucy is an illustrator and comic artist who has a cute and colourful style and primarily creates stories and artwork that can be aimed at older children and teenagers.

The Red Queen is a freelance artist from Oxford and she is currently studying a Cartoon and Comic arts degree at Staffordshire University. Her art is a mixture of digital and traditional styles showcasing drawings of pastel goth witches, angels, pin up girls, and spooky things. She will also be selling her handmade voodoo dolls and will be taking black and white commissions at her table.

Slightlyghosts likes drawing, cooking and sometimes she’s even good at them.

Miko is a manga artist who loves to draw comics, original works and fanart. She’s also very fond of Sonic the Hedgehog and draw him almost every time when she has a pen.

White Firefly (Known as White Firefly Artist on social media) is an illustration, concept and comic artist who focuses on Anime, Game fanart and more!

Emburazon loves digital art, especially colouring and is inspired by anime, video games and fellow artists!

Cooper Illustration is a freelance comic artist that focuses on my their story and original characters, through developing and creating comics. Josh Thomas Art, is a Welsh comic artist based at Stoke / Anglesey, mostly experienced in the style of Western comic art.

Kemokin is a fun loving comic/cartoon artist with a cute style but dark themes…

Conan McPhee is a cartoonist, game developer and humourist responsible for tumblr blogs Fury Belle and Incestria Girls as well as his current project Shark Dating Simulator XL, a visual novel game on Steam seen by millions on YouTube.

Aster is a fantasy manga artist and illustrator. They are currently working on ‘Dragon Knight‘, a fantasy manga about a prince and a squire who are forced to fight together in a battle for the throne.

Olli enjoys a range of hobbies, from painting and playing tabletop wargaming to doing the real thing during re-enactment, and takes inspiration from these hobbies in his drawing style and preference to do historical and fantasy pieces.

GalacticVic is an Indie artist that offers something different. She creates things from a very unique perspective. If you like odd things with a touch of Fantasy, ‘GalacticVic’ is the artist to go to!

Comic Artarang is a comic and illustrator artist that specialises in armour and creatures. She is influenced by American comics and the Halo franchise as she draws the characters on a daily basis.

Max and The Spaceman are two student artists offering witchy, supernatural themed original artwork, a range of fan art and more! Commissions will also be available from both artists but slots are limited – first come first served!

Princess Chimera is the creator of Midnight Daybreak and Tweet Hearts, and currently creating a web comic about chaotic star signs.

Paconstellation is cartoon and comic artist who likes creating stories with fantasy and supernatural elements and using bright colours to create fun worlds.

Daniee is a student artist who loves to make (bad) puns and art. She’ll be selling a variety of original and fanart prints on the day, as well as stickers, badges and commissions.

Undead Swine Seren Jones, more commonly known as UndeadSwine, is a comic artist, illustrator and tired zombie. This will be her first time tabling at StokeConTrent, selling a variety of prints and stickers based around video games and cute animals, as well as offering on the day sketch commissions.

Kenji is a talented FurSuit maker, freelance illustrator and comic artist from London. If you’re looking for something a little different, pop over to the table.

Talburt is a UK based freelance comic artist, illustrator and lecturer. They have been making their comic Bajo Mano since 2013, it’s about the staff at a small town police station and the unfurling drama. They have recently completed a short DnD comic as well which they will be selling during the convention. Their comics follow the Slice of Life genre and are LGBT positive!

There is so much fantastic comic stuff available at Stoke Con Trent this year – make sure you pop along to the Science building!

In Association with the Cartoon & Comic Arts Course at Staffordshire University

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