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Comic Artists at Stoke Con #9

There’s another amazing line-up of Comic stars at Stoke-Con-Trent #9, from industry professionals to emerging talent. Here, we will be listing just some of the awesome comic creators to look out for!

Emily McGorman-Bruce, better known as ‘Cowgirl Em‘ is a Shropshire based illustrator, cartoonist and comic artist. She began illustrating for the Beano in 2017 – achieving her childhood dream – with two small strips Pie Face and Paul the Potato. Since then, she has taken on Rubi’s Screwtop Science which is quickly becoming one of the reader’s favourites!

Emily has also illustrated for children’s books and album covers.

Her most recent work outside of The Beano includes dealing with a Zombie Outbreak: A guide for Zombies – a parody strip or adjusting to life as a Zombie…

He has worked in children’s humour and girls’ adventure comics, but is most notable for his boys’ adventure comics; he helped launch Battle Picture Weekly (1975), for which he wrote “Darkie’s Mob”, and 2000 AD (1977), for which he created numerous characters, including Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog, Robo-Hunter and Button Man.

In the 1980s, he and co-writer Alan Grant wrote prolifically for IPC’s 2000 AD, Battle, Eagle, Scream! and Roy of the Rovers. They also wrote for DC Comics’ Batman in the U.S., created a series of Batman and Judge Dredd team-up comics, and started the British independent comic The Bogie Man.

Once again Stoke Con Trent welcomes back Lew Stringer. Lew has been working in comics for over 30 years, writing and drawing humour strips for publications as diverse as The Beano, Viz, Toxic, Buster, Grindhouse, Oink!, Doctor Who Magazine, and many others. His creations include Combat Colin, Tom Thug, Pete and his Pimple, Brickman, Derek the Troll and The Suburban Satanists.

Marc Jackson has created such characters Lenny the Lettuce and Dawgtective for The Beano alongside regularly self-publishing his own comics. His work has also appeared in Aces Weekly, Comics Heroes Magazine and more recently in new magazine Comics Scene.

This Summer saw Marc launch GOOF! the ‘online comic for everyone’ that features 30 other comic artists from around the world all coming together to create a feast of funnies for all-ages!

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