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Comic Artists at Stoke Con #10

There’s an amazing line-up of Comic stars at Stoke-Con-Trent #10, from industry professionals to emerging talent. Here, we will be listing just some of the awesome comic creators to look out for!

Once again Stoke Con Trent welcomes back Lew Stringer. 

Lew has been working in comics for over 30 years, writing and drawing humour strips for publications as diverse as The Beano, Viz, Toxic, Buster, Grindhouse, Oink!, Doctor Who Magazine, and many others. His creations include Combat Colin, Tom Thug, Pete and his Pimple, Brickman, Derek the Troll and The Suburban Satanists.

David Leach has worked for IPC, Marvel UK, Marvel US, BBC Worldwide, Panini, Egmont, Tundra, Fleetway and Titan Comics. His work has appeared in The Sunday Times, Telegraph, The Sun and Private Eye as well as: Whizzer & Chips, Gas, Brain Damage, UT, Moose Kid, Casper, and 1980’s cult comics, Toxic! and Oink.

He created Psycho Gran for Oink and The Dinner Ladies From Hell and The Driver, (which he co-created) for cult British comic, Toxic!

Transformers, ThundercatsDoctor Who Magazine2000AD; the Radio Times Doctor Who strip, Marvel UK reprint covers and strips for Action ManTransformers ArmadaThunderbirds Magazine, Doctor Who – Battles in Time and illustrations for Doctor Who DVD Files, both published by Fabbri and promotional art for The Minister of Chance sonic movie and Strangeness in Space audio comedy dramas.

StokeConTrent welcomes back Paul McCaffrey.

Paul was last with us 3 years ago, but since then he has worked on Anno Dracula 1895 for Titan, a Vote Loki fill-in issue for Marvel, a Captain Scarlet one-off for Network DVDs and Joe 90 for the same people. Come and see his brilliant work on Sunday 14th April!

Some more info about Paul:

Daniee and UndeadSwine!

Daniee and UndeadSwine will be selling a variety of fan art and original merchandise. Prints, notebooks, stickers, badges, resin accessories and much more will be available on the day from us, so don’t hesitate to visit our table!

SlightlyGhosts and Miko-Maestra!

Hallo! I’m Dawn (also Known as SlightlyGhosts online) a comic artist and Illustrator. I have 2 comics, Social Butterfly and Star Thief, with a third one coming out in May called Powerful Tears! Follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and see my shop on Etsy, all under the name SlightlyGhosts.

Hey there, I’m Shirley (or Miko-Maestra). I have created an on-going webcomic called “Arctos to Astra” and a stand-alone action manga called Biological Weapon Girl. I enjoy drawing a lot of gay anime boys and manga in general, but also blue hedgehogs and a stealthy Snake.

Meg and Alex!

Meg and Alex, also known as Ties+Cloudyskies and Starsinmycoffee are two students studying comics at Staffordshire university. Alex likes to focus on colourful cute art and will be selling his comic Adelaide and the Sword, as well as some stickers and prints. Meg tends to focus on black and white art with a bold, cartoon-y style. She will be selling LOTS of stickers so come check them out!

White Firefly Artist!

White Firefly Artist is a digital and traditional manga artist! Kpop – BTS – Fan-Art and original works all included! Products range from acrylic keyrings, to note books, stickers and prints! Commissions are available!

CyanideSoda and Comic Artarang!

Hi I’m Elliot, (CyanideSoda). I study Cartoon & Comic Arts at Staffordshire University and I’m an indie comic artist/illustrator. I love Wrestling, Crash Bandicoot, Doctor Who, Scott Pilgrim and of course soda. Find me on social media – I use Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook the most! @ElliotFoxall or @CyanideSodaArt will lead you to me.

Hello there! I’m Comic Artarang and I also study Cartoon and Comic Arts here at Staffordshire University. I’m an artist/illustrator who loves doing sci-fi and game characters like Master Chief from the Halo franchise who is my hero and inspiration. I have created a comic called Noble that involves Pegasus, Centaurs, Dragons and many more!

Katy’s Tune and Neelam!

Katy is an illustrator and sequential artist with a keen passion for the ocean and all things in it. She creates art themed around folklore, fantasy and gothic horror. Neelam is an illustrator and graphic designer who loves drawing plants, skulls and animals.

Bitter Tooth and Embu!

Bitter Tooth is an illustrator and enthusiastic zine maker. She makes art about her emotions and personal experience, from zines on her favourite music and trichotillomania, to her self published autobiographical comic. She has a Youtube channel and a Podcast which she updates when there aren’t any technical difficulties. And she draws herself as a rat.

Embu is a comic artist and illustrator who draws League of Legends art a little too much. Her illustrations mostly include art of video games, anime or Studio Ghibli movies and she has an interest in becoming a concept artist after her degree.

FadedSpaceman and Maximystic!

FadedSpaceman and Maximystic are digital illustrators and comic artists, bringing a range of cute, magical and supernatural stories to StokeCon!

Spaceman is a versatile artist bringing painterly fan art prints, cartoon-style original comics and merchandise, including stickers and badges! And if you like pastel adventures, Maximystic is selling copies of their ongoing new magical boy comic series – Pretty Witch! Both artists will be offering commission slots too, so grab them while you can!

Cooper Illustrations and The Evil Emster!

Hi, I’m Sarah (aka Cooper Illustrations), I am a freelance comic artist /illustrator, specialising in manga style. I also have my own hand made crafted merchandise. You can follow me here: FB – Cooper Illustrations / IG – Cooper Illustrations1 / Twitter – Cooper Illustrations / Day Flash – Cooper Illustrations. I will be taking art commissions on the day on the con, feel free to drop by.

Hello, the name’s Emily Tredwell, nicknamed The Evil Emster! I love drawing many things: mainly Transformers, Ninja Turtles, Kingdom Hearts as well as some original pieces! I draw comics, illustrations and also take commissions – you can see of my work on social media: DA: TheEmster97 / Tumblr: TheEvilEmster / Twitter: @EvilEmster  / FB: Emster Art

Drew Hird

Drew Hird is a Masters student at Staffordshire University, and a qualified chef. His new comic is a cook book, designed to make cooking more fun and attractive, which is debuting here at Stoke Con Trent.

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