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Artist Mike Collins joins

Stoke CON Trent #3

Stoke Con Trent welcomes a very special artistic talent to the event this year. Mike Collins is best know for his artwork in the “Doctor Who Magazine”(Panini) since the shows triumphant return and has drawn the last 3 Doctors (Eccleston, Tennant & Smith)

Mike Collins Artist guest SCT #3 Stoke CON Trent

Mike has been producing comics for over 25 years starting with Spider Man and Transformers fo Marvel UK.

The list of companies he has worked for reads like a whose sho in the comic book world, including Marvel, DC, 2000AD, to name a few. During that time he has drawb pretty much all the major characters for each company – Wonder WomanBatmanSupermanFlashTeen TitansX-Men (where he introduced Gambit to the Marvel Universe), Captain BritainJudge DreddSlaineRogue TrooperDarkstarsPeter Cannon: Thunderbolt plus many more.

He is currently very famous in Norway where he is currently drawing Varg Veum a series of noir crime fiction graphic novels.


He also provides storyboards for Tv and Films including Doctor Who, Warhammer 40K to name a few.

Check out the website


Examples of Mike’s artwork can also be seen below

Mike Collins Stoke CON Trent #3 - Art 1

Mike Collins Stoke CON Trent#3 - Art 2 Judge Dredd

Mike Collins Stoke CON Trent#3 - Art 3 London

Mike Collins Stoke CON Trent#3 - Art 4 Sherlock Holmes

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