Confirmed Appearances

Come and Meet Lew Temple SCT #6 - Walking Dead - Axel at Stoke CON Trent #6 on 9-April-2017
Rebus, Taggart, James Mackenzie SCT #6 - Raven - CBBC Joins Stoke CON Trent #6 Guest
Doctor Who - Jessica Martin SCT #6 - Doctor Who Joins Stoke CON Trent #6 Guest
Meet Thomas G Waites at Stoke CON Trent 09-04-17
GOT Series 6 & 7? Annette Hannah SCT #6 - Frances in Game Of Thrones Joins Stoke CON Trent #6 Guest
Daffy Duck Malcolm Draper
Harry Potter Star Wars Episode VI - Return of the Jedi
Going Live Trevor & Simon Trev SCT #6 - BBC Going Live Joins Stoke CON Trent #6 Guest
Red Dwarf Co Creator doug-naylor-sct-6-red-dwarf-creator-joins-stoke-con-trent-6guest
Death Peter-McKiernon-DEADTOWN-guest-SCT-6-
Guest at Staffs Uni-sophie-aldred-ace-sct-6-doctor-who-strangeness-in-space-joins-stoke-con-trent-6guest
Return of the Jedi toby-philpott-sct-6-jabba-the-hutt-star-wars-puppeteer-joins-stoke-con-trent-6guest-recovered
Hugh Spight SCT #6 - Gamorrean guard in Star Wars Joins Stoke CON Trent #6 Guest Jedi
Rainbow Ronnie Le Drew SCT #6 - Zippy from Rainbow Joins Stoke CON Trent #6 Guest
Now Buy Tickets Here SCT #6 9th. April 2017 Staffs Uni Stoke CON Trent #6

More Guests To Be Announced Soon……

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